OPENLAB Intensive Week 2013: Monday 18 February — A take-away session.

This track contains a guided OPENLAB session meant to happen anytime on Monday 18 of February. Of course, you are free to download it (see link above) and follow the instructions at any other time, or even repeat it as many times as you would like. Please chose a space indoors or outdoors that you think is both safe and comfortable, and both for yourself as well as for other people who may be there. The key is in the idea of respect. Respect yourself. Respect the others. However, you may want to challenge your comfort zone… still there is no reason to force yourself into situations that are not entirely comfortable.

Apart from that, the choice of location is entirely up to you. This is your way expressing what you may be interested in exploring, which environment you think you would like inhabit. You may want to be in an environment that is cosy and tranquil, or go into the wildness of full of stimuli.

Get ready! If you chose an environment without internet access, you may want to download first the track and move to that space afterwards bringing the song with you in an mp3 player or similar.

Remember to thing about things you may need: warm clothes, a person who takes responsibility of your possessions or of your safety, food… I don’t think you will need any special thing. The instructions are vague recommendations and you will be able to deal with them in your own. You can interpret them the best way they suit you also considering what are the needs of the moment and of the space you have chosen. So for example, not having possessions with you or having someone else with you if you do it outside may give you more possibilities for explorations, and maybe you could do it together even.

You don’t need to listen to it before you are going to take the session.

Just find your way around things!

You also can download the track from WeTransfer by following this link:

(This link will expire by 1 March 2013.)