Tania Soubry

SOUL-SCAPES_(c) Bohumil_KOSTOHRYZ_475 copy 2

Photo credit: Bohumil Kostohryz.

I am particularly interested in the vitality of energy in its various forms, such as in frequencies and vibrations, such as singing, sound systems, pulsing bodies and collectivity, such as raving, celebrations, ceremony and social movements. I am fascinated by the web of life and driven by a felt awareness of interconnection.

I am working at the interconnection between text, dance, music and performance, especially through the voice (spoken word, lyrics and sound) and the body (states, movement, relations), and all that resides within and without. A multi-disciplinary encompassing, stretching and relating, following tensions, curiosity and desires.

I am currently working on the project Brave (K)new Rave.

Next to creating projects, mostly within collaborations, I also work as a dancer/performer/collaborator for other artists, choreographers and companies and am part of the collective Exit Map. I teach contemporary/release dance and workshops on and off within various contexts.

Tania facilitated: