Shannon Stewart

SS_by_Sarah Danzinger

Photo credit: Sarah Danzinger.

Shannon Stewart is a choreographic artist who splits her time between New Orleans and Europe. Her company, Screaming Traps explores the intersection of dance practices, embodied identities and social choreographies. For Shannon, the body’s participation in everyday life, social systems, and how we know ourselves is an opportunity for choreographic research. Simultaneously, the practice of dance rituals is a potential for un-training, retraining, making and unmaking. She’s proposed an open source method called Body Based Theory Practice and presented this research in dance symposiums in the US and Europe. Her work has been presented in theatres, bars, parades, river banks, living rooms, film screens, galleries, and in obscure places on the internet.


Shannon Stewart has been invited to the UK by dance artist Christopher Matthews as part of a 2-day event of curated dance classes and talks at Chisenhale Dance Space. Shannon will be teaching two classes: PERMISSION TO DANCE – QUEERNIQUE and WHAT DOES THIS BODY MAKE? on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 September.

OPENLAB is collaborating with Christopher Matthews and Janine Harrington to further introduce Shannon Stewart and her work within the context of a ‘Facilitated OL session on Friday 14 September.

Session facilitated by Shannon: