Catherine Duquette

catherine duquette photo credit ©teresa marenzi

Catherine Duquette is an American performer, facilitator, and writer based in London. Her participatory performances bridge theatre, live art, game design, and social activism and explore the social forces that shape our contemporary experiences. Her fascination with anger began not only with the uprise of political, gun, and racial violence in the USA but also upon a discovery made in her latest show.

During #Instalove, she asked the audience what made them angry. Despite being very open about intimate subjects such as relationships, sex, death, betrayal, etc. when it came to anger, the audience denied its existence: “I’m not an angry person.” “I don’t get angry.” Their bodies softened, caved, turned away. Their voices diminished. Their sentences were padded with qualifiers and niceties. She could not hear their anger, nor could she hear their truth. Her OPENLAB session on Friday 5 April 2019 seeks to remedy that.
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