Butch Merigoni

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My name is Butch Merigoni. I’m a drummer and arts educator from Brooklyn, New York. I play in the band, Beasty, a bass, drums and guitar trio that make aggressively angular songs. As a teacher, I work with elementary school kids as an arts and athletics mentor. All day we play games like ‘tag’, ‘when the big wind blows’ and ‘capture the flag’.

The lab I’m leading at Chisenhale came from playing ’freeze tag’ and feeling grounded in the present. It came from being in the middle of an intense game of ‘capture the flag’ and seeing the benefit of taking risks, even when the odds are against you.

For more information on my work: www.butchmerigoni.com

In the autumn of 2018, Butch Merigoni will be an artist in residence at De Grote Post in Ostend, Belgium, as well as ZSenne Art Lab in Brussels. During his stay he’ll lead “Workshop/Performance”, a play-based event that starts as a workshop, taking local participants through collaborative games and activities, and ends with a purposeless performance. These three-hour sessions will be held on multiple days throughout the residencies. Later in November, Butch is facilitating “Workshop/Performance” at So & So Arts Club in London.

If you’re interested in being apart of these events, you’re definitely welcome to attend.

De Grote Post (Ostend, BE)
24-27 October / 31 October – 3 November

ZSenne Art Lab (Brussels, BE)
13-18 November

So and So Arts Club (London, UK)
23 November

Feel free to contact Butch with any questions: bmerigoni@gmail.com

Butch facilitated: