OPENLAB’s Season 7 – Spring 2019 Sessions.

Spring Term 2019

This image for “OPENLAB’s Spring Term 2019” is a derivative of “DSC_0014” by Phillip, used under CC BY-SA 2.0. This image is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 by Antonio de la Fe.

Our last OPENLAB session before the Winter Break is a ‘Facilitated OL’ with Katharina Joy Book. But, fear not! We have a new series of OPENLAB sessions programmed for the Spring Term at Chisenhale Dance Space.

OPENLAB’s Season 7 will continue in 2019 starting with a ‘White Canvas’ session on Friday 11 January, followed by a programme alternating both ‘White Canvas’ and ‘Facilitated OL sessions.

Here it is the Spring Term’s line-up for your diaries:

Friday 11 January – A ‘White Canvas’ from 10 am-12 pm.
Friday 25 January – A ‘Facilitated OL with Antonio de la Fe: Moveo Ergo Sum from 10 am-1 pm.
Friday 1 February – A ‘White Canvas’ from 10 am-12 pm.
Friday 15 February – A ‘Facilitated OL with Laura Burns: Circlusion and the Sounding Body from 10 am-1 pm.
Friday 8 March – A ‘White Canvas’ from 10 am-12 pm.
Friday 22 March – A ‘Facilitated OL with Irene Cena: Alone Together from 10 am-1 pm.
Friday 5 April – A ‘Facilitated OL with Catherine Duquette: Performing Anger from 10 am-1 pm.


OPENLAB is a model for professional self-development for performers devised by Antonio de la Fe. It hosts open sessions for anyone interested in a shared space for performance practice. In this way, OPENLAB could be understood as a co-working space for performers. At the same time, OPENLAB proposes a frame of work that revolves around a basic question: what does ‘to perform’ entail?

OPENLAB’s model is fluid: always changing, always open to dialogue within the group. OPENLAB sessions are developed by a constantly changing group of people. Any person can join the group at any time according to their personal needs and circumstances. Each member of the group may use these sessions the best way they suit them. Generally, the members of the group are artists interested in performance, movement, the body and in the actions the body can deploy as an artistic medium.

What’s the difference between ‘White Canvas’ and ‘Facilitated OL sessions?

OPENLAB will continue alternating between ‘White Canvas’ sessions and ‘Facilitated OL sessions.

‘White Canvas’ sessions don’t have an outspoken facilitator or pre-decided theme. We will aim to have a participant in the studio that will serve as an anchor for other participants who may feel they need it. Participants may still be responsible for their own time in the studio but this time they’ll have not only the support from doing it with others but also the support from the anchor person. The possibility for ad lib exchange within the group is also always there. ‘White Canvas’ sessions are 2-hour long.

‘Facilitated OL are sessions with a theme and a facilitator guiding the group throughout. ‘Facilitated OL sessions are 3-hour long.

All sessions take place at Chisenhale Dance Space and are pay-what-you-can (recommended donation £5 for the ‘White Canvas’ and £7 for the ‘Facilitated OL sessions).

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About Antonio de la Fe

Antonio is a Spanish choreographer and performer based in London with a background in physiotherapy and Pilates. After coming relatively late to dance and initially studying it in Madrid, they came to London in 2006 where they completed a Performance MA at The Place, writing on The Creation of Solo Choreography Through Deep Engagement with The Application of Mental Imagery Specific Processes for his thesis. Since then, the has danced for Florence Peake, Matthias Sperling, Jonathan Lunn, Eva Recacha, Carla Onni, Annie Lok, Melita Spahic and Riccardo Buscarini and his choreographed works include the Place Prize finalist piece (2011) Cameo, an open OPENLAB: a hybrid, Va por Vds., and A void. They are also a co-founder of the performance collective anthologyofamess. Antonio was a recipient of the BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship, with support from Independent Dance, in 2015. During this fellowship, they worked on researching and developing their Unrehearsed Series (Crocodile, Make Me Cool, A Piece for Two: Lovers) in collaboration with producer Martine Painter. Currently, they are expanding on the idea of the Unrehearsed Series and developing a set of choreographic practices under the name Speculative Choreographies.

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