FLOATINGLAB, a ‘Facilitated OL’ by Hamish MacPherson – on Friday 25 November 2016.



“Light as a feather, stiff as a board…” – an easy way to making someone float.


Within the study of Efforts of Movement in Laban Movement Analysis, the Float describes a movement quality that is light, indirect and sustained.

Hamish proposed to the participants in the lab to explore these qualities both at a literal level and at a metaphorical level of what movement can be. Hamish proposed this also within his project THIS MOVEMENT, in which the way the word movement is understood is expanded and includes all metaphorical meanings of the word as well as the literal.

With this, Hamish invited us not only to attempt to move our bodies in particular modes but also allowed our imaginations, intentions and attentions to move freely, yet slowly, from vantage point to vantage point, from conceptual content to conceptual content, from mental state to mental state.

This was emphasised when Hamish invited us to make groups of three, having a person lying down comfortably and allowing this person to prattle on about ideas on floating and to let our thoughts to drift wherever this talking would take us.

I feel tempted to recreate my thoughts on the day, although it is probably much better to accept these thoughts have already dissolved.

In any case, the way that Floating invites as to engage with the continues of the present moment, ever changing yet seamlessly, makes me think that this is a session I will try to recreate in my everyday life often in years to come. I feel tempted to invite you all to do the same; and if you need help remember that a group of us know how to make you float easily: