OPENLAB sessions on Friday 19th June 2015: Intimacy and Space – Exploration of the Performing Body

Intimacy and space – exploration of the performing body

OPENLAB, 19th June

This OPENLAB session was an invitation to ask questions regarding the performing body. Exploring intimacy and space was a suggested perspective from which to explore. Looking at the performing body as being observed and at the same time knowing that I am being observed from outside. Negotiating between inner focus and awareness to the body movement in the external space.

As a performer there is a constant awareness to the accuracy in which a movement conveys an intention. From this point the performer might negotiate between inner tension and its manifestation through the body movement in the external space. This inner tension is invisible and we explored the process in which it transforms towards a visible movement. A constant navigation between inner and external space might determine the mind’s role or the mind’s tuning within the performing body.

Another aspect that might be considered is the tension between inner focus as intimate or hidden and on the contrary the physical movement in the external space as an act of revealing the hidden. Is it then possible that while the performing body reveals an intention and share it with the observer- an intimate moment is created?

During the exploration each participant connected with a particular way of sensing and experiencing the private and intimate. While staying with eyes closed and visualising myself observing myself from outside- I ask a question regarding knowing that I am present and whether I should do anything about it?

The tension between inside and outside and between sensing and seeing suggested an engagement of the senses and in a way it suggested the three dimensionality of the performing body and its negotiation in and within the space. Being present in space and time.

How near and how far can I extend my spatial awareness and therefore maybe the boundaries between inside out, hidden and visible, intangible and tangible? Exploring the boundaries of the performing body and mind that allows me to become one with others in the shared space.

This session was a suggested exploration of the body as an instrument through breath, sensation and senses.

Revital Snir